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Biocompatible thermoplastics specifically for veterinary professionals

Veterinarians can also take advantage of the benefits that InjuryShield® provides. In an emergency situation, a moldable splint can be used to treat turtle shells, horse hooves as well as act as a dog splint. InjuryShield® for Animals offers the same versatility as our regular product, with veterinary considerations in mind to use as a fast acting solution.

Are you a veterinary professional?


Multiple Applications
Add new material to existing
Re-heat and re-form
Low cost
Class 1 medical device
Portable heater pack included
Thin and lightweight
Impervious to water after set
Moisture / Oxidation resistant
Made in the USA
20 years of success


Control strength and flexibility
No waste / low technical expertise
Saves money
GMP compliance
2-minute field activation
Carry multiple units for field
Allergy free
X-ray without removal
Patient compliance
Long-term inventory
Readily available

Read this glowing review from veterinarian Dr. Vamvakias of Vanguard Veterinary Hospital:
(Mobile users can see a copy of the letter here. (PDF):


    InjuryShield™ is an incredibly simple product to use. Watch the video below for a simple demonstration.

    InjuryShield™ for Animals Instructions

    InjuryShield™ couldn’t be simpler to use!

    Click image to enlarge.

    injuryshield instructions

    1. Open MRE Heater Bag.
    2. Place InjuryShield™ in mRE bag on top of heater. DO NOT REMOVE PAPER WRAP OR SEAL.
    3. Follow instructions on MRE bag. Add water as indicated.
    4. Use included carton to make a stand to hold MRE bag.
    5. Insert folded MRE bag into carton stand.
    6. Heat InjuryShield™ in MRE heater bag for 2 minutes at 140˚F / 60˚C or until soft and completely clear. Heating time is approximate. Increase time to 3-4 minutes to heat 2 wrapped InjuryShield™.
    7. Dump contents of MRE bag and unwrap InjuryShield™ from paper wrap. CAUTION: WATER AND CONTENTS ARE VERY HOT.
    8. Roll clear InjuryShield off paper wrap and form splint as needed. 1 minute working time. InjuryShield™ is set when solid and not clear. Reheat and reform if necessary. Add new InjuryShield™ material to formed InjuryShield™ as required.

    There are a number of ways to heat InjuryShield™ bags.

    • On a non stick surface in a microwave
    • In hot water above 135F
    • In the MRE bag
    • In an air heater envelope

Real World Applications

InjuryShield™ material has been used successfully as a Class 2 medical device in the mouth across the US and in countries around the world. We have been selling to dentists around the world since 1997.

By expanding its use as a Class 1 medical device, we can now target the veterinary and medical fields.

Check out this amazing application below. A dog with paralysis is fitted with an InjuryShield™ application:

“She has no normal angularity in her rear joints and I have been trying to figure out a way to start to work on the angles so I can get some contracture of ligaments and shortening of muscles”
- Dr. Vamvakias



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