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Do you want to learn more about our products can benefit your dental office? The documents below provide important information regarding safety, instructions and reports to help you understand the impact of QuikGlaze™ and Temp Tabs®!

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A few examples of the InjuryShield™ Advantage

  • Versatile Applications
  • Easy to use
  • Low-Temperature Activation (60°C)
  • Fast Activation (< 2 minutes)
  • Re-usable & Re-formable
  • Moisture & Oxidation Resistant
  • Low Cost


InjuryShield™ is the ideal solution in many applications because of its affordability, availability, scalability, and low-maintenance application. InjuryShield™ is compact enough that military personnel can carry it with them into remote areas and be able to apply reliable injury protection and mobilization in minutes. Medical personnel working in underserved areas can provide quality emergency medical care without the need for expensive and cumbersome traditional solutions. First Aid kits at sporting events, festivals, and wilderness adventures will be revolutionized.

  • Military
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • Medical
  • Remote locations
  • Sport & Event First Aid
  • Low Income & Underserved Populations

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    injuryshield instructions

    1. Open MRE Heater Bag.
    2. Place InjuryShield™ in mRE bag on top of heater. DO NOT REMOVE PAPER WRAP OR SEAL.
    3. Follow instructions on MRE bag. Add water as indicated.
    4. Use included carton to make a stand to hold MRE bag.
    5. Insert folded MRE bag into carton stand.
    6. Heat InjuryShield™ in MRE heater bag for 2 minutes at 140˚F / 60˚C or until soft and completely clear. Heating time is approximate. Increase time to 3-4 minutes to heat 2 wrapped InjuryShield™.
    7. Dump contents of MRE bag and unwrap InjuryShield™ from paper wrap. CAUTION: WATER AND CONTENTS ARE VERY HOT.
    8. Roll clear InjuryShield off paper wrap and form splint as needed. 1 minute working time. InjuryShield™ is set when solid and not clear. Reheat and reform if necessary. Add new InjuryShield™ material to formed InjuryShield™ as required.


    InjuryShield™ is an incredibly simple product to use. Watch the video below for a simple demonstration.

    Also, check out this video from Guerrilla Dental - a group of licensed dentists with experience working in expeditionary settings and austere environments when access to care and providers is limited.


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