InjuryShield™ for Animals

InjuryShield™ also offers a tremendously useful product for veterinarians and those who provide emergency care for animals. InjuryShield™ for Animals offers the same versatility as our regular product, with veterinary considerations in mind.

There are several ways that InjuryShield® bags can be heated easily:

  • On a non-stick surface in a microwave
  • In hot water above 135F
  • In an MRE bag
  • In an air heater envelope

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These products can only be sold to medical or veterinary professionals. By agreeing to these terms and completing my purchase, I am certifying that I am a medical, dental, or veterinary professional.

InjuryShield-6-pack, 1 MRE Bag

Patented Self Contained 5 minute Custom InjuryShield System
Developed and Manufactured in the USA
6 ea. InjuryShield Standard (Size 4" x 4”)*
1 ea. Flameless Heater and Bag for Heating

1 ea. Instructions for Use
1 ea. Other Uses and Heating Methods Instructions for Use

*InjuryShield comes in 3 sizes:

  • Standard (4x4; 1 wrapped piece)
  • Medium (3x11/2; 2 wrapped pieces)
  • Small (1x1/2; 16 pieces, wrap included in package)

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